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vol. OFF / 19 oct. 2013

noisiV is a collaborative project born in Berlin in 1999, involving Joffrey Guillon aka Androvirus and Seamus O'Donnell aka Lifeloop. In 2000 they were joined and for some years accompanied by frgmnt, a Berlin video artist, enriching the live performances with his unique system of video feedback. From the very rough beginnings of a no rules except for no beats dogma the project evolved to encompass more intelligent sound scape creations based on treated field recordings alongside the barrage of electronic instruments and various forms of magnetic tapes they had collected.

After a few intense years of production, performance and development Joffrey Guillon returned to France in 2002 and hence began a long distance relationship and a series of works achieved by correspondence.

Using the internet to swap material several productions were realized (Booch of spells, Studid White Man must die). Live performances are still an important part of their agenda and have spanned most of mainland Europe so far. A typical live set could be any mixture of field recordings, self made devices, traditional instruments and voice.

In 2008, they shut themselves into the studio for 2 weeks to produce the album Phantom Wave. This was the first work the band made without a computer being used for its creation and so going back to the emphasis on instruments, machines and objects.

© photos : Cécile Meynier